Eumundi Markets

The world-famous Eumundi markets are a must when visiting the Sunshine Coast. Every Wednesday and Saturday, rain, hail, or sun, there’s something for everyone from food, crafts, massages, and live music to keep you entertained for hours. And if there’s some of you who have less interest in a wander then The imperial pub for a tour around the brewery and a tasting paddle, or just a beer and a chill. If the little ones want some entertainment, then a visit to Terella Brewery a short drive from Eumundi, where there’s a small animal Petting Zoo (with an admission fee) at the weekends from 9.00 am to 11.30 am.

So whether it’s a visit to just the market or some of you want to wander whilst some of you don’t, or the market is just your first stop we can help you plan your perfect day out.